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ST. LOUIS — From learning about the well-being economy to how to use data for power, a yearly summit is bringing together changemakers from across the country for a St. Louis event in April to imagine what it means to be better ancestors in a polarized world.

#WEWINTogether Week will assemble hundreds of multigenerational, diverse change leaders from across the nation. Tickets are currently available for the event, scheduled for April 22-25, 2024, at Saint Louis University in St. Louis. Learn more about the event and reserve your ticket here.

Changemakers from every sector – communities, public health and health care, farming, education, economy/finance, policy – who are all working to be #BetterAncestors by transforming from within, transforming together, and transforming systems of injustice – will come together to share strategies, create community, and chart a long-term path to a nation where everyone belongs and that works for everyone. 

These changemakers have already shown that it is possible to create real change in our communities. 

Somava Saha, founder of Well-being and Equity (WE) in the World and executive lead of the WIN Network, said: “Becoming a #BetterAncestor is about recognizing how the legacies of the past shape our reality and working to change those to create the world we want for our children and grandchildren.”

“We have already shown that real change is possible when we come together. The real question is: do we have the courage to believe that our nation can change for the better and the fortitude to invest in long-term change,” Saha added.

“This yearly gathering affords us an incredible opportunity to actively learn from one another while embracing our shared responsibility of becoming better ancestors,” said Rev. Richard Joyner, founder and chairman of the Conetoe Family Life Center.

“It’s a time for recommitting to the well-being of future generations and, for me, that means sharing the knowledge that the essence of food sovereignty begins within the walls of our hearts, our homes, while extending to the fabric of our communities.” 

Key Features of #WEWINTogetherWeek: 

Top-Notch Speakers and Presentations at St. Louis Event

  • Tracks on Health Equity, a Well-being Economy, Data for Power, Generational Healing, and Youth Leadership 
  • Hackathon for Social Change 
  • Engaging Workshops and Activities 
  • Networking Opportunities with Leaders Across Sectors 
  • Discussions on Changing Narratives, Systems, and Structures 
  • Innovative Solutions for Real Change 

Several spotlight and catalyst speakers will headline the event, including, but not limited to, Calvin Terrell (Transforming Pain to Power), Dr. Ruby Gibson (Healing Generational Trauma), Shemekka Ebony-Coleman (Community Bill of Rights), Laina Raveendran-Greene (Well-being Economy), Abeni Bloodworth (Narrative Transformation), Ramsey Alwin (Aging Well with Equity), Rev. Richard Joyner (Using Food to Transform the Soul of our Economy and our Relationships), Gary Belkin (Mental Health and Climate Resilience), and James Clark (Being a Better Ancestor in St. Louis). 

“Here in St. Louis, the Urban League has been working to create deep community change by addressing public safety, housing, health, and community development,” said James Clark, vice president at The Urban League of Greater St. Louis.

“We are excited to be welcoming our community partners from across the nation to reflect on what it means to be better ancestors. St. Louis offers a window to the soul of the nation when it comes to reflecting on our past to build our future–and we’re honored to host that conversation.”

About the Organizations: 

The Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network is a growing strategic network working together to advance intergenerational well-being and equity. Communities RISE (Reach, Immunizations, System Change for Equity, RISE) Together is an alliance of partners connected to 2,400+ organizations across the nation who are deeply rooted in communities, and have deep trust with Black, Native-American, Latinx, Asian-American/Pacific Islander, immigrant/migrant, and low-income older adult populations. 

Well-being and Equity (WE) in the World is a multiracial community of well-being and equity architects, building the social and vital conditions we all need to thrive on a foundation of racial and economic justice. The organization serves as the implementation team for the WIN Network and Communities RISE Together. 

Partners co-hosting WE WIN Together Week include the Center for Popular Democracy,, the Illinois Department of Public Health, Latino Health Access, Migrant Clinicians Network, National Councils on Aging, National Indian Health Board, Public Health Institute, and WE in the World.

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