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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Senate Concurrent Resolution 16 was first discussed at the Senate last Thursday. The resolution declares condemnation of Hamas and reaffirms the state of Oklahoma’s support for the state of Israel. On Monday, Feb. 12, the resolution arrived on the House floor, where it was ultimately adopted. 

On Thursday, only one Senator, George Young from Oklahoma City, debated in opposition. “The problem with that is that there are other individuals who exist in Palestine,” Sen. Young said. He continued, “The atrocities that happened on October 7th are terrible and they should be responded to. We must remember that other individuals live in Palestine who had nothing to do with that.”

In the State House, three Democrats voiced their opposition. Democratic Reps. Arturo Alonso, Mauree Turner, and Regina Goodwin debated against Republicans Mark McBride, Jon Echols, and Mark Lepak. 

“As of today, the death count in Gaza is 28,340 including more than 12,000 children,” Alonso stated. “If we are willing to condemn the actions of Hamas and their attack on Oct. 7, are we also willing to criticize the shutting off of water and electricity in Gaza by the Government of Israel?”

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In support of the resolution, Echols stated, “Don’t make this somehow about our Muslim brothers and sisters… This is about what Hamas did.”

Countering Echols was Rep. Goodwin from Tulsa. “There’s little that we can do as state senators and representatives. If we’re going to talk about how genocide against Israel should be condemned, so should the genocide of Palestinians.” Goodwin goes on to say, “This resolution says that Israel has the right to defense; I absolutely believe that. I do not believe that Israel has the right to genocide.”

Adopted with 78 yes votes, the resolution advances back to the Senate for further action. 

Day 128 of Conflict

Tensions among political leaders in the U.S. continue to rise as the Israel-Hamas war rages on. 

There have been reports that Biden has voiced his frustration about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s unwillingness to compromise. Despite initially offering Israel support through military aid, recent actions from The White House have called for humanitarian assistance for Palestinian civilians.

U.S. State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller grew frustrated with the press today when asked about military aid to Israel.

Last night while America’s attention was on the Super Bowl, an Israeli airstrike on Rafah in Southern Gaza killed dozens of civilians. It is unclear how U.S. involvement in the conflict will develop in the coming days, weeks, and months. The Biden Administration is struggling to stabilize support from Arab Americans while also battling division among Democrats on the issue.

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  1. The article was well written. As I read, my veins in my temple started to pulsate harder. That reaction is due to why does the state of Oklahoma go with the majority that is most harmful. Just like when the voted to join the Confederacy of the United States.

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