The iconic hip-hop duo Kid ‘n Play was among the most popular acts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Known for their high energy, innovative dancing style, and ability to captivate in any creative lane, Christopher Reid (“Kid”) and Christopher Martin (“Play”) solidified themselves in hip-hop history.  

After dropping their debut album, 2 Hype, in 1988, the New York natives took their talents to Hollywood and started in the cult classic House Party. The 1990 hit had five entries in the series, including a 2023 remake starring LeBron James, DC Youngfly and Jacob Latimore. 

Now, the duo has brought their timeless energy into the new generation with Progressive Insurance for the Replay campaign

The funny commercial for the campaign features the rappers at a football watch party where their familiar miscommunication about the requirements of a real “house party” ends up with some replay challenge flags. 

The Black Wall Street Times spoke with Martin (Play) about the fun they had with their new campaign and how it feels to be celebrated throughout generations. 

The Black Wall Street Times: The Progressive “Replay Campaign” possibly introduced Kid’ n Play to a new generation. How would you all officially introduce yourselves to them? 

Christopher “Play” Martin – I believe the great thing about Kid’ n Play and its legacy is the representation of ‘Friendship.’ Our music, videos, movies, and other adventures and antics are relatable to so many people regarding friendship throughout the years. Our journey has been captured in so many mediums for everyone to enjoy, inspire, and feel really good about. 

The Black Wall Street Times: What was it like working with Progressive on such a fun campaign?

Christopher “Play Martin –  For me, it was exciting and brought back good memories when it came to the process. I am very much into the technical and cinematic aspects of production and cinematography. But to be in front of the camera is humbling and still exciting! I don’t take it for granted because I remember how much I wanted it when I was very young. I’m very grateful that Progressive initially loved the general idea when I asked ….. “Why haven’t Kid and I done a Progressive commercial when it comes to a party that will need insurance?”

The Black Wall Street Times: 2023 was the year of hip-hop. How do you feel about large companies featuring icons such as yourselves in campaigns, and what should be done to ensure it continues?

Christopher “Play Martin – Well, the truth is the original Hip Hop creators, inventors, innovators and millions of lovers of their works are no longer kids in our parents’ homes. We are adults, parents, and grandparents with important responsibilities. We have jobs. We are teachers, community leaders, ministers, bosses, presidents, etc. Doing great commercials like this and more helps promote what it also takes to be 50 and good at it!

Kid 'n Play Still Know How To Party, This Time With Progressive
Kid ‘n Play | Photo Courtesy of Progressive Insurance

The Black Wall Street Times: House Party was released almost 33 years ago. How does it feel to know you created something transcending generations and genres?

Christopher “Play Martin: It feels great! But very humbling… Especially when you had no idea. At the time, the agenda and motive had not included the long-lasting effect the movie had and has. Hats off and priceless gratitude to Director and Executive Producer (Brothers) Reggie and Warrington Hudlin. Kid and I were already having a great experience with our music and videos and touring the country with Hip Hop music legends and icons. However, when the opportunity was presented to do a movie, I was very hesitant, but I was talked into it by Kid and our music producer, Hurby the Luvbug. I am so glad to this day that I was outvoted, LOL. But, as I mentioned, we are a part of a community event (a House Party) for millions, especially at the time, so many could and still can relate to it.

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The Black Wall Street Times: You two are pioneers in the space of music artists (specifically hip-hop) who excel and coexist in music and acting. How did you manage to balance and be successful in both? 

Christopher “Play Martin: Right time and good place… Kid’ n Play is definitely no overnight success. We worked hard for so long until it finally paid off. We had no idea what we were preparing for regarding the windows of opportunity ahead. We didn’t want to say no to anything. Projects, people and places to experience consistently kept our reactions to the amazement. We were young, and I think we always wanted to make our families and, in addition, the community of East Elmhurst, Queens, New York, proud. The schedules just always worked out. When it was time to make a movie, we were off the road. When we would get the call from a brother and friend like Chuck D of Public Enemy to tour with them again, we were probably filming something and wanted that break! 

The Black Wall Street Times: The commercial featured the infamous “kick-step” dance. How did the dance come about? 

Christopher “Play Martin: The dance was birthed out of urgency, LOL. When we finally had the opportunity to tour, Kid and I were very, very, very nervous about giving the audiences and supporters what they expected of us. Up to that point, all of our music videos had the strong element and presence of dance with dancers. However, the promoters of those shows and tours were not interested in paying for dancers. So, we needed to think of something that brought us to incorporate more of ourselves into doing it all for now. So, we, along with our dancer friends, in particular a dance group named Non-Stop featuring Nadine, a.k.a. “Hi-Top,” helped us brainstorm that move. It was a great collective move.

The Black Wall Street Times: One major takeaway from House Party was not walking on Play’s mother’s carpet. What type of insurance should she have had to protect her house? 

Christopher “Play Martin: Full home insurance is my advice if and when you can. Real talk…. Interestingly, I had Progressive auto insurance even before this relationship. I’m working on a home soon because I’ve recently moved.

YouTube video
YouTube Courtesy of Progessive

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