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Over the last three years, the grooming industry has undergone a massive transition, with men increasingly recognizing the need for self-care. Grooming makes men feel more attractive and confident, which benefits their mental health. 

Previously, most men would use a bar of soap and a disposable razor — aside from a barber visit — for skin care. However, men’s interest in grooming products has changed. Black men have shared their grooming and skin care journeys on social media. In fact, various celebrities — from Pharrell Williams to Idris Elba — have all stepped into the grooming space.

Now that the grooming industry is on an incline, men are taking their self-care routines seriously. At a time when supporting Black-owned brands is of the utmost importance, it pays to have a rolodex of men’s grooming brands to choose from. We can use our dollars to help fund the elevation of Black businesses while pouring back into our communities. In addition, this sends a message to corporations about the power of our dollars and brand loyalty.

If you’re ready to fine tune your grooming routine, we have a few Black-owned businesses to introduce. From Dorion Renaud’s Buttah Skin to Michael James’ Frederick Benjamin, here are six men’s grooming brands and skin care lines to add to your lineup.

1. Humanrace

Pharrell Williams is a man of many talents, from music to philanthropy. However, one of his most celebrated projects is none other than Humanrace. Built on the entrepreneur’s 25 years of skin care experience, the body care and skin care brand consists of clean, vegan, and dermatologically-tested formulas that cover all the bases in a grooming routine. Shoppers can utilize various face sets, moisturizers, exfoliants, gel cleansers, and more to keep their routines in order.

2. Buttah Skin

Buttah Skin is the brainchild of the multi-hyphenate mogul, Dorion Renaud. The brand, which offers inclusive products, is considered one of the best of its kind. Created in 2018, Renaud’s sole mission was to create products that combat everyday issues: breakouts, dryness, and oiliness. As a result, Buttah Skin delivers on that promise and more with a lineup of skin care and body care items ranging from skin bars to the brand’s new Silky Soft Towels. In addition, folks can enjoy grooming accessories designed to elevate your routine.

3. Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter is a brand that holds weight in the men’s grooming space. The brand, founded by Calvun Quallis, prides itself on providing solutions on grooming issues — from razor burns to dry, brittle hair — that men regularly experience. That said, men can shop for a variety of products, including hair serums, moisturizers, beard balms, and more, to alleviate any issues.


@MANTL.CO Via Instagram

Are you looking for affordable skin care that fits your lifestyle? MANTL may be the answer. MANTL products offer skin care solutions that seamlessly integrate your on-the-go lifestyle. They offer simple-to-use products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and SPF creams.

5. Ceylon

Ceylon, a three-product range tailored to Black men, targets common skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, acne, and razor bumps. Ceylon products gently cleanse, reduce irritation, restore clearness, and improve skin texture. Their costs vary, and their products include toners, razor bump gel, cleansers, body wash, body moisturizers, and fragrances.

6. Frederick Benjamin Grooming

Frederick Benjamin’s mission is to create products that restore your confidence. Their hair and shaving products are accessible and designed for treating skin issues such as shaving bumps and irritation. For maximum customer satisfaction, the brand handpicks only the most nourishing ingredients.

We now live in a time where brand options in the Black business space are countless. This serves our bottom line in keeping our dollars within the community and using products made for us, by us.

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